An Emotional Real Estate Market


Every market is inundated with percentages and statistics and predictions. In the real estate market you’ve got yet another layer comprised of: information about available inventory, the interest rates, hurricanes, and tax incentives.

The icing on these layers of course is the emotional component that comes into play. Some sellers think their property is not regarded highly enough, while some buyers think they are getting ripped off. We’ve unfortunately seen negotiations fall apart over some pretty minor things because feelings get involved.

Not to mention, if you’re a buyer in today’s market you may be under the impression you can easily move on to the next property. It is not always that simple anymore. You would think that buying and selling property would be a fairly simple transaction; well, it used to be. But there are many stars that need to align these days to get the deal done. All the new laws and guidelines (most of which were put in place to protect people), have had far reaching ramifications that can complicate the process to the point of impeding it.

What I’m trying to say is: if you’re a buyer and have found a home you love or you’re a seller and have found a buyer that is qualified – you should try to work it out with both parties under the expertise of your realtors and the lender. Emotions get in the way too often. If you are fortunate enough to have found one another, try to stick together because you may be hard pressed to find someone else to meet over a conference room table anytime soon.

While no one should settle for a sale or a purchase unless it is really right for them, I’d like to suggest that you may regret it if you give up on the deal too easily for the wrong reasons.