Trinity Town Center | Real Estate Update

As if our beautiful community wasn’t ideal enough, we now welcome The Trinity Town Center! This oasis will be the hub that ties our neighborhood together. Poised at the intersection of Trinity Boulevard and Little Road this exquisite sanctuary and its shops are in keeping with our local architectural style. Our new addition therefore integrates perfectly with the ambiance of Trinity.

The design of our Town Center is contemporary but tempered with a clock tower and classic cobblestones shaded by tree-lined streets. With a $40 million price tag, no expense was spared to dress our town square in splendor. “We really believe it’s going to be the unifying downtown area for Trinity,” said Paul Aiello, VP of real estate development with South Capital Construction Inc., the builder of this exquisite retreat.

Our new “Main Street” stands apart from the typical shopping center complex. First of all, the land itself is zoned for mixed use, which means it can support a combination of residential, commercial, office, institutional, or other land uses. Our 13.5 acres of space will host everything from salons to upscale restaurants to office space to specialty and one-of-a-kind shops. This is no typical strip mall where one parks the car and patronizes the same old chain stores and restaurants. The concept here offers residents a place to run our errands but also provides the opportunity to stroll, browse the shops, and then meet friends for dinner!

We will additionally be afforded a haven to enjoy and relax in the evenings while overlooking sparkling fountains and listening to music emanating from the band shell. “We’re trying to stay away from power center style,” said Eric Schaffer of CBRE, the exclusive leasing agent of the Trinity Town Center. “We want to make it more community oriented.”

CBRE is also working to ensure that a wide spectrum of retail shops is offered so we are not finding something we can get anywhere. The leasing agent is striving for balance so no one type of eatery or shop has predominance. We instead, for example, will have a buffet of restaurants from which to choose. Some of the savory restaurants included are Master’s Steak House, Mariposa Mexican Grill, and Nikos Mediterranean Seafood.

This upscale addition to Trinity will bring even more real estate value to our homes and will certainly become a new source of employment and revenue. With an expected completion of August 2008, this eclectic mix will be welcomed as the true hearth for our homes.