Canadian Real Estate Buyers

My wanderlust got me started in global real estate! I first fell in love with Quebec City, which is now the Christmas vacation destination for my family.  

We’ve since happily explored Montreal, Nova Scotia, and Halifax. Over the years I’ve worked with many clients who snowbird between Florida and Canada. I have learned so much more about the culture. From there it just made sense for my business to connect with Canadian agents to support people who love having the best of both beautiful worlds.   

The Gulf Coast of Florida is paradise. From cultural centers to exceptional dining to world-famous beaches and stunning sunsets, we are seeing tremendous growth in all demographics. This is true even for those just starting a career due to the business opportunities available in the city of Tampa.  

Now as members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), Lori and her son David help bring buyers together with the professional resources they need to assure a compliant and stress-free home purchase for those interested in moving or snowbirding. Helping people feel at home is the best part of their job!